Our story…

“For me, fashion is a series of ‘coupe de foudre’ moments. There is no strategy per se as to how I compile what becomes my wardrobe. It is truly a love affair. I have to fall in love with a piece in order to buy it”

– DA

Deema Al Ajlani

Deema Ajlani is a fashion label founded in 2016 by Saudi designer Deema Al Ajlani in Bahrain. Her journey into fashion began by chance, it’s founder says, “for egotistical reasons”, as she locally could not find the kind of items she was after, so she decided to design them herself for herself essentially

Her designs and inspirations are a reflection of her identity. She lived in a number of countries during her childhood, and it is this growing up between borders, East and West, that led to her love of colors and patterns that is strongly apparent in the label. Her Arab influences are visible in the silhouettes that are  breezy and lose as the focus is clothing made to be worn all year round in the hot climate native to the region.

Carrying the ethos that “ fashion is an expression of our identities” close to her heart, the line is an expression of the designer’s identity herself.  Her silhouettes are a nod to her Saudi roots while the colors and embroidery are an expression of  herself and a rebellion against the conservative climate she grew up in. Embroidery, hand beading, patterns and fabrics come together to create a fun, whimsical line for the modern Arab woman.

“Fashion is essentially the creative expression of a designer, it is very much tied to the culture and background of an individual. Your identity is often expressed and evident in your designs and this is true in my collections I believe.”

– DA